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Video Strip Poker HD - Bonus PC
2018-01-03, 5:43 PM

Video Strip Poker HD game from Video Strip Poker series, produced by Torquemada Games, who specialise themselfs since many years in producing video games of this kind. 
Bonus opponent Victoria -(Santa Girl) - worked 


The goal is obviously to undress the girls completely. One can choose among opponents from all over the world. As the game advances, some exciting special gestures become available, e.g. one can get either a closer look on girls intimate parts, or the girls perform hot gestures on request. The girls flirt with the player and try to distract him. Many other surprises during the game are waiting, depending on the mood and personlity of the girls. 

Once the girl loses a given amount of virtual dollars, she undress one piece of her clothes. If the player manages to keep wining, the girl will keep undressing, as the game advances. If the player loses, the opponent will get dressed again. In the last stage the girl keeps playing completely naked. The game is updated with new features and new opponents on regular basis. 


Opponent: Chrissy, Little Caprice, Madeleine, Victoria and Tori ( The full version, it is not a demo !) 

Register instructions: 

1. Install and run game. 
2. Go to the game menu. Select "Activate" 
3. Click "I have product code" and enter code (Click "Use code" - for each code): 

AACD-DB41-2725-0000-00FF - special bonus opponent: Victoria - Santa Girl 

F3A4-F9CB-B18E-0000-005A - Chrissy 
BE2E-FCD0-8548-0000-0071 - Tori 
8293-F97F-2492-0000-0021 - sexy opponent: Little Caprice 
069A-2FFA-1DC1-0000-0095 - opponent: Madeleine 

4. Download girls in the full version. 
5. Full version is ready to play. Good luck ! 

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