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From  18  tonners to  the Gigaliner,  On The  Road  Truck  Simulator
offers everything a truckers heart desires. In this  realistic truck
simulation, you have more than 6500 km of motorway and country roads
at your disposal including numerous detailed  motorway interchanges.

You have battled your way through the landscape, dedicated yourself
to your favourite faction and bounced back  from  defeat  countless
time. Allow yourself to be immersed in  Aurai once  again  and  see
whats  coming  in  the  new,  hard  hitting DLC  for  OUTWARD,  The

You  just  signed  on  with  PAH Inc.  Paranormal  Activity  Helpers
Incorporated, yeah sounds corny, but the pay is great. They said you
won\'t ever be in any real danger, and they have tons of  work  right
now. Your first job is at some old haunted house.

Phoenix Point puts players in the midst of a desperate fight to take
back the Earth from a mutating, alien menace.
Featuring turn-based tactical combat on procedurally generated maps
and resource management on a global scale, Phoenix Point offers
endless replayability and a brutal challenge.

Prototype 2 - Radnet Editiont, mely tartalmaz majd  55 DLC-ét és férhetünk hozzá a játék megjelenése után.

In the space-colony simulation gameOxygen  Not  Includedyoull  find
that  scarcities  of oxygen,  warmth and  sustenance  are  constant
threats to  your colony\'s  survival. Guide  colonists  through  the
perils  of  subterranean  asteroid  living  and  watch    as  their

Expand the power and versatility of Phoenix Point  operatives  with
cybernetic augmentations. Unlock new abilities for  your  soldiers,
new research projects, and new approaches to tactical  combat.  But
beware: enemies will bring cybernetics to bear against  your  team,

Relive the celebrated real-time strategy  classic  Praetorians,  re-
imagined inhigh definition. Praetorians is set amidst  the political
machinations of an emergingRoman Empire.  Prove your  worth  on  the
battlefields  ofEgypt, the  combat theaters  ofGauland  finally  the
heart  of  the  Empire  itself inItaly,

Offroad Racing offers a huge choice of all-terrain vehicles to get away from everyday life. Bomb along in a quad bike, buggy or motocross race and enjoy the change of scenery as you explore immersive offroad tracks.

This  stunning  collection of  three authentic  Williams  and  Bally
GOOD GOFERS. All available to play both in  their  classic  original
form and as remastered tables with updated graphics,  animated toys,
and a host of new features.

Duplicants  everywhere  are  chilling out  with  Meep\'s  Manadatory
Recreation Content Pack! This content pack contains a  set  of  new
recreation buildings to help our  Duplicants relax  and  enjoy  the
leisure time all that  Automation has  brought to  them.

Welcome  to  Parkitect:  Taste  of  Adventure!  10  New  Challenging
Levels2 New Themes8 New Rides4 New Shops Journey through  the  stars
and test your management skills on 10 new  challenging  levels!  Can
you  also  beat  them  without  pausing  or  using  blueprints?