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A small town is recovering from the wake of a storm which  has  left
widespread destruction and isolated flooding. To  help  rebuild  the
village, we urge you to join the logging efforts. Jump  onboard  the
petrol B-133 or the diesel B-133GYa and play your  part  in  helping
restore some of the damages caused by this catastrophic event.

Strap on your proton pack once again and join the Ghostbusters on the
adventure with the voice and likeness of the original crew as you battle
to save New York!

Storyline Campaign - Play through a unique storyline as the player
battles and captures ghosts both well-loved and brand new throughout
New York.

In KILLING FLOOR 2, players descend into continental  Europe  where
the  outbreak  caused by  Horzine Biotechs  failed  experiment  has
quickly  spread  and  gained  unstoppable    momentum,  essentially
paralyzing the European Union Just one month after  the  events  in
the original KILLING FLOOR.

Take control of a settlement of the first modern humans,  guide them
through the ages in their struggle for survival. The game  starts in
the Stone Age, and takes you up to the Iron Age, spanning  more than
10,000 years of human prehistory.

Incredibly dynamic turn-based strategy, reviving the
traditions of XCOM, Incubation and Laser Squad. Lead a team of
the most desperate fighters, destroy alien monsters and uncover
the secrets of the lost planet.

An old threat has returned to haunt  the wasteland  once  again  in
RAGE 2\'s first major expansion. Explore a brand-new region,  face a
lethal new faction, and gain access to a new weapon and  ability in
Rise of the Ghosts. The Ghosts were once a terror in the wasteland.
Ruthless, vicious, tactical and cruel, they took what  they  wanted
and left no  survivors.

One crisp fall morning, General  Aerev received  an  urgent  letter
from Queen Ayelith herself. It reads as follows:  General,  Reports
have informed us of a barbaric ceremony taking place in the distant
land of Bavaria: the  Oktoberfest.

CONTRA is back! Two years after the Alien Wars  ended,  the  Damned
City erupts from the  final battleground.  From the  midst  of  the
chaos, a group of  scoundrels emerge.  They might  not  be  typical
heroes, but they\'re here to  save the  world or  get  rich  trying.

On the way to Jericho City, your plane is shot down by a mysterious
storm and crash-lands in the outskirts. You wake up weeks  later in
a derelict detention facility inside the city.  Armor-clad soldiers
enforce Martial Law, robots are on a rampage, and a dark, expanding
nanostorm looms over the cityscape.

The world is crumbling. The  Swarm has  corrupted  the  Coalition\'s
robot army and is descending upon human cities. With danger closing
in, Kait Diaz breaks away to uncover her connection  to  the  enemy
and discovers the true danger to Sera herself.

Depraved is a city builder game with survival aspects, settled in
the Wild West. Build towns and establish important outposts to
supply your residents with food and other raw materials. Resist the
seasons, dangerous animals, and bandits and conquer the Wild West.

Assemble a massive army, build an unconquerable base, and  send your
heroes  out  to  fight  and  explore.  From the  Command  &  Conquer
veterans at Petroglyph comes the first ever survival RTS set  in the
savage  world  of  Conan the  Barbarian.