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Radis a rambunctious but spirited young  boy who  maybe  plays  too
many video games. After dozing off at the tail end of a  long night
of gaming, Rad awakens to find his  dusty old  console  has  turned
itself back on. Suddenly a vortex emerges and he\'s sucked  into his
TV, where he finds himself the  star in  his very  own  video  game

This crackfix fixes keyboard control problems on some Windows 8.1
systems  and black screens on game start  for Windows 10  Version
1607 configs.

A klasszikus túlélő horror sorozat egyik legnépszerűbb darabja, a Resident Evil 2 több mint 20 év elteltével remake formájában éled újra gyönyörű grafikával, felújított játékmenettel, de a jól ismert borzongató történettel. Az eredeti játékhoz hasonlóan két főhős szemszögéből élhetjük át a sztorit, amelyet PC-n, PS4-en és Xbox One-on is élvezhetünk akár 4K-s felbontásban.

Feel the adrenaline and experience the most  complete  racing  ever
with RIDE 3! Immerse yourself in a modern 3D environment  where you
will live side by side with your bike,  modifying  it  mechanically
and aesthetically thanks to the new Livery Editor

A tale of guns and emotional bonds woven in a world about  to  meet
its end. The fate of the world is changed in a flurry  of  bullets.
The curtain opens once again on this symphonic gunplay RPG in a new
4K/HD EDITION package.

RC Simulation 2.0 is a fun radio controlled vehicle simulation.
Developed to give users the thrill of today\'s High Tech Radio
Controlled Cars, Boats, Planes and Quadcopters on any of the user
created track/maps/venues.

Set  50  years  after  the climactic  events of  the  original  Red
Faction, Red Faction: Guerrilla allows players to take the  role of
an insurgent  fighter with  the newly  re-established  Red  Faction
movement as they battle for liberation from  the  oppressive  Earth
Defense Force.

The rhythm-music platformer gameplay of BIT.TRIP RUNNER and Runner2
is back and better than ever! The Timbletot is  determined  to  rid
the multiverse of all its  love and  happiness.  CommanderVideo,  a
lover if ever there were one, refuses to let this happen.

Raging Justice is a classic beat em  up game  of  epic  proportions,
dragging the savage charm of the genre kicking  and  screaming  into
the 21st century! The city is in chaos! Crime and corruption  is  at
an all-time high, with thugs wreaking havoc on every corner.

Remothered:  Tormented Fathersis  the pure  and  realistic  survival
horror videogame. A game by Darril Arts, directed by  Chris  Darril,
developed by Stormind Games. Psychologyplays a huge role  within the
game: heroes and enemies are atypical andthe line between  good  and
evil is blurred.

A Ryse: Son of Rome messze került eredeti koncepciójától. A végeredmény egy minden tekintetben nagyszerűen sikerült, pörgős és izgalmas akciójáték lett, mely apró részleteiben ugyan magán hordozza az előző irányok nyomait, de csak annyira, hogy az ne menjen a játékélmény rovására.

RUINER is a brutal action shooter set in the year 2091 in the cyber
metropolis Rengkok. A wired psychopath lashes out against a corrupt
system to uncover the truth and retrieve his kidnapped brother under
the guidance of a secretive hacker friend.