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Trine - Trinelogy *2009-2015* [+DLC] MULTi19- HUN - ENG] PC
2018-04-12, 4:57 PM

Trine - Trinelogy *2009-2015* - V1.05 / V2.01 Build:477 / V2.12 Build:510 / V1.11 Build:3102 [+DLC] [MULTi19-ENG] [SYMMETRICAL] [EXE] 

SYMMETRICAL: April 11, 2018 
Premiere Games: 2009-2015 
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle Elements, Fantasy, Co-op, 3D Platforms, Split / Shared Screen 
Producer: Frozenbyte 
Publisher: Nobilis Group / Atlus 

Available Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese-Brazilian, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Romanian, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, Polish 

Edition Includes: 

- Trine - Classic (PL) 
- Trine 2 - Complete Story 
- Trine - Enchanted Edition 
- Trine 2 - Goblin Menace (DLC) 
- Trine 3 - The Artifacts Of Power 

Games Are Updated To Version - V1.05 / V2.01 Build: 477 / V2.12 Build: 510 / V1.11 Build: 3102 + DLC 

...( Description )... 


Trine is a very colorful arcade game with logical elements, set in a fantastic fictional world. Frozenbyte, who started his international production career with the development of well-received Shadowgrounds (2005) and Shadowgrounds Survivor (2007), is responsible for creating this work. 

The game takes us to the world created by the creators of fantasy, full of castles and bizarre machines. We have three heroes available: a mage, a thief and a warrior who must save the kingdom endangered by hordes of undead by using the power of a mysterious tool called Trine. 

The production of the Frozenbyte company is a kind of attempt to restore old platformers, but at the same time introduce a large number of original innovations. Playing as one of three characters, we pass the next levels, moving mainly to the left and right, like in old platform games. On our way we will encounter many dangerous opponents and a lot of traps, puzzles, puzzles and objects blocking the way. 

Each of the available characters has unique skills. The magician, using magic, can create objects that help him solve puzzles encountered on the road and push through the abysses or blockages. The thief is extremely agile and precise, so he easily surprises the unwitting opponents. The warrior, however, has enormous strength and destroys wherever he appears. 

An important element of the fun is a fully interactive physical engine. With its help, we can create and use various objects, useful both for solving prepared jigsaw puzzles and puzzles, as well as for overcoming dangerous opponents. This solution enriches the gameplay very much, it also means that besides jumping and fighting, the game requires a bit of combining from the participant. 

The visual side of the product will surely appeal to lovers of extremely colorful locations and a fairytale atmosphere. The authors have created very pleasant and varied backgrounds, full of details and juicy colors. The coloring of subsequent stages often undergoes drastic changes. In the game, we can also see nicely animated characters of our heroes and a host of terrifying enemies. 

Trine 2: 

Trine 2 is a colorful platformer enriched with strong logical elements, with action set in a fairy-tale fantasy world. The authors of the game are again people from Frozenbyte - a company that, apart from producing the first part, became famous for creating the Shadowgrounds series. 

As in the previous installment of the cycle, the life paths of the three main heroes (the mage of Amadeus, the thief Zoy'i and the knight Pontius) cross again due to the mysterious artifact called Trine. This time heroes go to a fairy-tale land dominated by hordes of goblins. The only indication for the heroes are two names - Rosabel and Isabel, but the discovery of the history associated with them involves overcoming many dangers. 

The entire game was embedded in two dimensions. In the course of it, there are plenty of skill elements, the likes of jumping on platforms and fighting, as well as logical ones consisting in solving various types of puzzles. The fun is additionally diversified by the possibility of collecting balls and bottles with experience and discovering hidden treasures. 

We have at our disposal three heroes - the mage of Amadeus, the thief Zoya and the warrior Pontius. Each character has his own unique skills, the use of which will be necessary for successful completion of the adventure. Some of them have already appeared in the previous part, but there were also new ones. The warrior is a specialist in close combat, deals high damage and can block enemy shields. The thief, in turn, prefers the bow and is the most agile character, and can also soar in the air with a rope with a hook. However, the magician has the ability to materialize and move objects, but he is the weakest of the three. For the most part of the game, we can freely switch between heroes. 

A novelty in relation to the predecessor is the introduction of the online game option - if the "one" can be played only on one computer, now individual players can connect via the Internet - at any time to the already played game can join two additional players. 

Despite the fact that in Trine 2 the game takes place on the plane of two dimensions, the creators decided on a fully three-dimensional graphics. All characters are beautifully animated, and the locations visited are very diverse and even dripping with details. The whole visual frame is kept in bright colors and has a fairytale atmosphere. The creators have prepared a number of new locations, and the protagonists' animations have undergone an appropriate facelift. 

Trine 2: Goblin Menace: 

Before the Trine 2 game scheduled for December 2011, the developers from the Frozenbyte studio assured the players that they were going to support their work with additional materials. Work on the first major expansion started at the beginning of 2012. According to the assumptions of the creators, the extension was to enrich the game with new elements and at the same time improve previous solutions. 

The axis of the plot of Trine 2: Goblin Menace is the struggle with the title goblins, but not only. The trio of the main characters (the Amadeus mage, the Zoy's thief and the Pontius knight) must also face other enemies, including scorpions, worms, and even dragons. 

The gameplay has been maintained in the atmosphere of classic, arcade platformers. The events are shown from the side, and the players must demonstrate their dexterity and reflexes by traveling across vast locations and overcoming various obstacles. During fun, however, it's not just the ability to jump between platforms, avoid traps and eliminate opponents. An important aspect of the game are logic tasks requiring the use of light, water, magnetism and gravitational disturbances. 

Appendix Goblin Menace introduces a new campaign, which consists of six extended levels. The creators have also prepared a set of new skills for the heroes, which can also be used by playing the basic version of Trine 2. The changes also included the visual layer. The creators made sure that the Trine 2 graphic design delighting in vivid colors and splendor: Goblin Menace showed the full potential of the original engine. 

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power: 

Trine 3 is a platformer spiced with elements taken from logic games. The production was developed by Finns from Frozenbyte, the same team that was responsible for the previous two editions of the series. 

The game takes us to the fairy-tale fantasy land. The campaign tells the further fate of the three heroes known from the two previous parts of the series, namely the mage of Amadeus, the thief Zoya and the knight Pontius. Each of them has different characteristics and skills and during the adventures we regularly have to switch between characters. The warrior is the slowest, but at the same time the strongest, so it is ideally suited to close combat. It also uses its shield, with the help of which it can, for example, deflect fire missiles and even fly long distances. The wizard materializes objects and shifts them with the power of his own mind, but at the same time he is the least resistant to injuries. The thief, on the other hand, is the most agile and has an arc that serves both for ranged attacks and for firing a rope with a hook. 

The graphics were made in full 3D. During play, we have to overcome obstacles, avoid traps and fight enemies. We are also constantly forced to face logic puzzles. 

...( Technical Data )... 

Min: Intel Core i3 2,0 GHz, 4 GB RAM, karta grafiki 2 GB GeForce 260 / AMD Radeon HD 4000 lub lepsza, 5 GB na HDD, Windows VISTA/7/8 

...( Install )... 
2.Install from the Setup.exe file (Run as Administrator with Windows 7/8 Compatibility) 

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