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Prince of Persia - Complete Series * 2003-2010 * [1920x1080] [DLCs + Tutorials x5] PC
2018-04-09, 1:49 PM

SYMMETRICAL: 8 April 2018 
Premiere Games: Year 2003-2010 
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Movies, 3D Platformers, Adventure Action Games, TPP 
Producer: Ubisoft 
Publisher: Ubisoft 

Available Languages: Polish (+Dubbing) 
Audio: English, Polish 

Edition Includes: 

- Prince Of Persia 
- Prince Of Persia - Video 
- Prince Of Persia - Warrior Within 
- Prince Of Persia - The Two Thrones 
- Prince Of Persia - The Sands of Time 
- Prince Of Persia - Survival Mode (DLC) 
- Prince Of Persia - Malika's Outfit (DLC) 
- Prince Of Persia - The Forgotten Sands 
- Prince Of Persia - The Sand Spectal Costume (DLC) 
- Prince Of Persia - Bonus Content (Tutorials x5 + Instructions x2 + Patch) 

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: 

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is the fourth edition of the popular series of arcade games, launched in 1989 thanks to Jordan Mechner and the publishing company Broderbund. The new product was created under the wings of the Ubi Soft Entertainment corporation, and the famous Montreal studio has been developed to develop. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Among the designers, the honorary place was obviously for the said programmer - the initiator of the saga. 

The next edition of the adventures of the Persian prince was again set in a fictitious Middle Eastern country from the heyday of the Middle Ages. The main character returns from a tiring military campaign and stays in the hospital with a friendly ruler. In the palace, he meets the treacherous vizier and under his influence frees from the hourglass the legendary Sands of Time, which pose a huge threat to the world. However, unexpectedly, a beautiful, mysterious and potentially unreliable woman appears. This woman greatly supports the title hero in restoring the normal state of reality. 

The main assumption of the game is to explore various locations (oriental architecture and characteristic flora and fauna), in order to fight against encountered opponents and pick up smaller or larger fragments of "quartz loss". The latter are also a source of supernatural powers related to controlling the passage of time, which makes them particularly useful for our daredevil. 

The authors have tried to preserve elements specific to the entire Prince of Persia cycle, that is, an extremely realistic animation of human figures and an ingeniously solved system of using white weapons. In addition, there is a high degree of interactivity of the environment and a number of virtual cameras that present the course of the action from the perspective of the third person (TPP). In contrast, the rendering of the three-dimensional visual frame is dealt with by Jade's special "engine", which has a rich range of advanced features. 

Prince of Persia: Warrior's soul: 

Sequel of the outstanding "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time", which by many was hailed as the best action game of 2003. The second part introduces several important changes to the game, although the basic assumptions of the game have remained unchanged. 

This time, the title prince must fight against his destiny. A wise man told him that he would soon die. It soon turns out that Dahak is hunting Duke, the immortal reincarnation of destiny. The main character sets off on a dangerous journey, culminating in reaching a cursed island. The atmosphere of the game is definitely darker than in the first part. The prince must face his greatest fears. On his way he will encounter hordes of bloodthirsty monsters. 

The actual game runs in a similar way to the first part of "PoP". The prince must overcome numerous obstacles, deal with more or less complex mechanisms, avoid traps, and fight. This last element has undergone significant modifications. The game uses a new module responsible for the fight - Free-Form Fighting System. In assumptions, it is intended to allow the player to manipulate the surroundings and opponents, so that he can defeat them more efficiently. The title Prince is now much stronger, he has new skills that he can use during the fight, and in addition he can use an arsenal of various weapons. The sequel also uses a completely new system responsible for remote attacks, so that the player no longer has to stand up to direct clashes, but can knock enemies from a safe distance. The Dagger of Time, present in the first part, has a small upgrade, thanks to which it can destroy the souls of enemies. 

The Sequel "Prince of Persia" is longer than the first part. In addition, as a reward for completing the game, the player is rewarded with valuable bonuses. The visual design of the product has been slightly improved. The authors of the game put a special emphasis on the gloomy appearance of the environment, so as to match the game's climate. 

Prince of Persia: Two Thrones: 

Prince of Persia 3 is the next, after Sands of Time and Warrior Within, part of a great, "rejuvenated" series of games about the adventures of the Persian Prince. In one of the ends of the Warrior Within, the Prince rescues his beloved and returns with her from the Island of Time to Babylon. Unfortunately, instead of the peace, who, to whom, but who would be very useful to the Prince, they find their homeland plunged into war. Worse, the people turn against their own ruler. Our hero is captured but his love, Kaileena, sacrifices and releases the Sands of Time to save him. Thrown into the streets of the city, prosecuted as a fugitive, the Prince discovers that his previous struggles have contributed to the birth of the Dark Prince, whose spirit gradually begins to gain power over the main character of the game. 

Thanks to this development of the story, players have the opportunity to lead the battle and develop the skills of two different characters. We can say that this solution offers us two games in one. Both the Prince and his dark version have different styles of fighting, powers, characters and abilities. The combat system, Free-Form Fighting, has been significantly expanded and the extermination of subsequent enemies is now even more exciting. In addition to melee combat, we can use the deadly Dagger of Time or we can send the enemy to Mohammed with one lethal blow using the art of stealing and assassination. 

The action of the game was moved to the city of Babylon, during the game we admire spectacular battles on the roofs, take part in skirmishes and pursuits in the tangled network of streets or fall into the ambush (or ourselves) in dark, underground passages. In the third part of the Prince's adventures, the previously known powers of the Time Sands return - the slowing down or withdrawal of time. However, the developers have implemented some new features of this very useful "weapon". Despite the fact that the main focus was on action and struggle, PoP 3 also lacked arcade elements and tasks requiring a bit of mental gymnastics. 

Prince of Persia: 

The latest version of "Prince of Persia" was created by Ubisoft Montreal studio - the same which is responsible for three previous editions of PoP - Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones. However, it is the beginning of a completely new chapter of the adventures of the title character. A whole new world, a new plot and a new prince. The game is powered by an engine called Anvil (the same one that was used in Assassins Creed). 

The plot refers to the myth of one of the oldest religions - the monotheistic Zoroastrianism. Ormuzd (God of Light) and his opposite Ahriman (God of Darkness) form a constantly entwined pair that is in constant struggle for power over the world. Ormuzd wins his brother and locks him in the Tree of Life hidden somewhere in the magical oasis. Then the people of Ahura gather and orders them to guard the Tree. 

Two generations pass and the people of Ahura begin to die out and lose hope. Ahriman decides to use it, escapes from his prison and rebuilds a corrupt and broken world in a magical oasis. The prince of Persia must defeat Ahriman and stop him from infecting the whole world. 

The gameplay consists in saving the legendary Tree of Life, and more specifically on gradually healing the spoiled oasis - (see Okami, Shadow of Colossus and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess). To accomplish this, the hero must kill the bosses - the guards who "poison" the given areas of the earth. Although the fight is still an essential part of the game, the enemies are numerically less than in the previous parts of the series (but they are much more powerful). One-on-one battle (for swords) dominates. This will also help us with a new, improved combat system that allows you to tap spectacular combos. 

A more important innovation is the second character who always accompanies us in the adventure, so-called "Support character". Elika is the character. What is important, it is extremely helpful both during the fight (has magical abilities), finding a way or solving puzzles. It is not a burden that you have to constantly take care of and watch over. Everywhere he can do it perfectly. 

The authors continue to focus on the platform aspect of the game. The prince can jump and climb almost anywhere, or acrobatics in the full sense of the word. In addition, linearity elements have been connected to the open world. The hero can freely explore locations, or take on any task of his choice. 

Developers also break with the artistic convention of the series - this time we are dealing with graphics in cel-shading technology and new solutions in presenting events that we watch on the screens of our consoles and computers. The luminaire is subtle and very detailed, and the Prince acquired a new image. 

Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands: 

Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands is another story about the intrepid Prince of Persia. Production is a return to solutions known from the trilogy: Sands of Time, Warrior's Soul and Two Thrones, published in 2003-2005. The fictionally forgotten sands complement the seven-year, unknown gap in the history of the Prince of Persia, the period between the Sands of Time and the Soul of the Warrior. They give us the answer to the important question: what events affected the drastic and dark transformation of the prince? 

The game begins just after the events known from the Sands of Time. During an exhausting journey through the Azad region, the Prince of Persia decides to stop for a moment in his brother's kingdom. Unexpectedly, he sees a powerful army storming the central palace. Without thinking too long, he decides to use the power of the Sands of Time again and save the kingdom from total annihilation. This decision is also the beginning of another great adventure. 

The mechanics of the game largely resemble a system known from the Sands of the Time and the Soul of the Warrior. The game is therefore divided into two main elements - a spectacular fight with opponents, as well as a spectacular overcoming of locations designed by artists from Ubisoft. The control of the Sands of Time returns here for grace, assuring the Prince of Persia of some kind of immortality. Before leaving this world he is protected by the possibility of withdrawal of time. In the Forgotten Sands, the prince is also able to oversee the forces of nature and use them for his own purposes (eg during fights or solving environmental puzzles). 

Prince of Persia: Lost Sands drives the Anvil graphics engine that has previously been used, among others in two scenes of Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia from 2008 and Shaun White Snowboarding series. It is also worth noting that the voice of the agile protagonist is again backed by Yuri Lowenthal (known from the first two installments of the trilogy). 

...( Technical Data )... 

Minimum: Pentium 4 1.5 GHz, 512 MB RAM, karta grafiki 64MB (GeForce 4 lub lepsza), 1.5 GB HDD, Windows 2000/XP 

Ajánlott: Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, karta grafiki 512 MB, 8 GB HDD, Windows XP/Vista/7 

...( Install )... 

1.Burn or Mount 
2.Install From The Setup.exe File 

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